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As more vaccines are administered across our listening area and the numbers of infections continue to stabilize and, in some areas, decrease, the guidance from the Center of Disease Control and Prevention continues to evolve. Previously we reported that Clay County Schools Board of Education had approved new COVID 19 protocols for schools. Working closely with the County Health Department, Superintendent Dale Cole outlined the specific of the changes that were recently implemented.

Recently WJRB/WJUL has reported on multiple drug arrests including asset seizure that have occurred in Towns County. While drug trafficking is always concerning, this does not reflect an increase in drug flow but rather a change in the strategy from the Sheriff’s office. During the 2020 election cycle Kenneth Henderson campaigned on increased visibility and highway safety checks. These efforts are paying dividends as Towns County Sheriff Henderson explains.

North Carolina State Senator Kevin Corbin has written a letter supporting Clay County’s application for a Parks and Recreation Trust Fund to partially fund Phase Two in the development of the County’s Sports Complex. In the letter to Dwayne Patterson, PARTF Director, Senator Corbin pointed out the lack of state sponsored recreation facilities in the county. A decision on the grant is expected in September.