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The COVID 19 pandemic has negatively impacted the finances of towns and counties throughout our listening area. A significant drop off in sales tax revenue beginning in March has local financial officers scrambling to prepare balanced budget without adding to taxpayer burdens. Recently we spoke with North Carolina Senator Thom Tillis and he had this perspective. (soundbite)

Cherokee County Commissioners C.B. McKinnon and Dr. Dan Eichenbaum have announced their opposition to the budget plan put forth by County Manager Randy Wiggans. The plan relied on maintaining the property tax rate at 50 cents to replace lost sales tax revenue caused by pandemic. That rate is 4 cents above the revenue neutral rate necessitated by the countywide reevaluation and technically constitutes a tax increase.

Cherokee County Board of Education member Tim West has resigned his position, having sold his Andrews property some months ago with no immediate plans to reestablish residency in the county. It is expected that James Ellis, who is unopposed for the seat in the November general election, will be appointed to fill West’s unexpired term.